From e-waste to opportunity

7 November 2016

Making UNSW 100% e-waste free is the goal of a new not-for-profit that was recently launched with the support of Arc (UNSW’s student organisation), the Michael Crouch Innovation Centre (MCIC), IT at UNSW, the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering and UNSW Sustainability.

The Ereuse Centre ensures reusable computers donated from across the UNSW campus to student refurbished by volunteers ready for reuse. This project is unique as it brings UNSW operational units, researchers, students, and general community together in achieving best environmental and social outcomes.

With no additional cost to the University or Unit, the Ereuse Centre is a win for the environment, social responsibility, student work experience and local community engagement. It supports UNSW 2025’s strategic commitments including student learning and development, local system-based solutions to environmental sustainability research pathway for students.

And if you’ve got working computer equipment you’d like to donate yourself, eReuse would love to hear from you. The wider UNSW Community can also help by dropping off any unwanted computers, peripherals, technology in general at the MCIC e-waste recycling bin.

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