Mobile phones

A key component of mobile phones and most electronic equipment is Tantalum, which is extracted from a raw material known as Coltan. Coltan is mined illegally in The Congo's forests, which are the habitat of the endangered lowland gorillas. Coltan is allegedly sold to fund the current conflict in The Congo.

By recycling your phone you will be reducing the demand for Coltan mining as well as preventing many hazardous chemicals from entering landfill. All the old phones collected on campus are given to Fauna and Flora International as part of an initiative to reduce the mining of Coltan. This program re-uses 75% of mobile phone components.

You can recycle your mobile phone and accessories, such as chargers, using phone recycling boxes located at many spots on campus including the Library, FM Assist and Chancellery or can be send via internal mail to  UNSW Sustainability Office Room 119 Chancellery Building. 

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