Batteries often only have small amounts of recyclable material and some have none at all. Therefore, it is far better to use rechargeable batteries to reduce chemical waste. If possible, always choose rechargeable devices that don’t require batteries.

Batteries contain dangerous heavy metals and, if sent to landfill, can pollute our soil and waterways and poison our plants and animals. To ensure batteries are recycled or at least disposed of properly, please use our battery recycling service.

Rechargeable and single-use batteries can be recycled in the battery recycling boxes located at many spots on campus including Arc Reception, Chancellery reception, CONTACT, and FM Assist. Here is a list of all battery recycling stations.

Batteries can also be sent via internal mail to UNSW Sustainability Office Room 119 Chancellery Building. For further information email

Batteries collected at our campuses are recycled by EPA-certified recycler MRI e-cycle solutions.