Light rail to UNSW

The NSW Government has announced its commitment to build a new light rail network extending from the Sydney CBD to Randwick and Kingsford via the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Kensington Campus.

UNSW is currently the only university in Sydney without rail access and relies heavily on the bus network for its staff and students.

The light rail extension is one of the most significant infrastructure proposals supporting the University’s transport network. 

The project is estimated at approximately $1.6 billion. Preliminary work commenced in 2015 and is due for completion in 2018. 

Project Features

  • Nine stops between Circular Quay and Central Station
  • Seven stops between Central Station and Kingsford, including UNSW at Anzac Parade
  • Seven stops between Central Station and Randwick, serving the Randwick Racecourse, UNSW at Wansey Road, and the Prince of Wales Hospital at Randwick
  • Interchanges located at major rail stations – Central Station, Town Hall, Wynyard and Circular Quay and bus interchanges at both Randwick and Kingsford.

Key benefits

Increased capacity

  • Space for 300 commuters on each light rail service – five times the capacity of a standard bus
  • Reduced crowding and congestion
  • Buses freed up to service other destinations.

Faster, simpler, more reliable services

  • 'Turn up and go’ services every two to three minutes in peak times
  • 97% reliability
  • Services that are on time and fast
  • Real time information at all stops and on vehicles, showing route and stop locations
  • Simple to navigate with effective signage at stops and interchanges, to help you transfer to bus, ferry or heavy rail

Urban renewal opportunities

  • Pedestrian-friendly streets, open spaces and revitalised public areas
  • Reduced congestion at the heart of the CBD
  • A more attractive, accessible environment for visitors, businesses and workers
  • Improved connections where people live, work and visit 

Improved experience

  • Integrated, electronic ticketing available at outlets or on-board to allow a seamless transfer from other modes of transport (Opal ticketing, see link below for more information)
  • Light rail stops maximise accessibility, with multiple doors available to alight at your stop
  • Smooth, comfortable and quiet services, with air-conditioned carriages
  • Safe, clean, accessible and comfortable environment 

For more information on transport to UNSW visit UNSW transport and for practical information on public transport including timetables and tickets visit Transport NSW or view transport timetable data on your phone with the TripView app.

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