Every weekday more than 60,000 trips are made to and from work and study at our Kensington campus. It is the single largest destination for people in the eastern suburbs. The challenge for sustainable transport increases with growing student and staff numbers.

Transport: what you can do

  • Cycle or walk to University a few days a week.
  • If you live further than riding or walking distance take public transport.
  • If you already walk or cycle, encourage a friend or work colleague that lives near you to join you.
  • Cancel your next business flight/trip and suggest an external meeting via video conferencing.
  • If you must drive, try setting up a carpooling network amongst people in your building, or use car sharing like GoGet.
  • Participate in the next Walk to Work and Ride to Work day this year or the Sydney
  • Sign up for the Sydney Rides Business Challenge

Some of our recent transport planning work to improve sustainable transport options to UNSW includes:

What do you think should be done to improve transport? Send your thoughts to 

Public transport

Sydney Buses

The service from Central Station to UNSW's Kensington campus is the busiest regular bus route in Australia. Express Buses routes 890, 891, 892 & 895 to and from Central Station are fast and high frequency. The Metrobus 10 is a PrePay only service running every 10-15 mins, taking approximately 20 mins from Town Hall to UNSW.

Public transport incentives for staff

At UNSW, we offer payroll deductions for quarterly or annual public transport Travelpasses offering significant savings and assisting us to reduce our environmental footprint as a community.

UNSW Art and Design (formerly, COFA) Shuttle Bus

Take advantage of the free Shuttle Bus linking the Kensington and the Paddington campuses. The Shuttle Bus runs from O-Week throughout session, including examinations period and STUVAC with pick ups from inside Gate 8 High Street and drop offs on Greens Road in front of the Block F carpark.

For more information on getting to UNSW see FM Assist- Getting to Uni.