Coffee pods

The convenience of having a coffee pod machine in your office is a delight to the (no doubt) thousands of coffee lovers on campus. With a cup of cost effective, delicious comfort never too far away though, it’s easy to forget how this daily habit is costing our environment.

Australians are now spending more than $215 million on coffee pods every year, resulting in billions of the capsules ending up in landfill. It then takes between 150 and 500 years for the aluminium or plastic-based components to break down, causing soil contamination in the meantime. The good news is that you can now help reduce UNSW’s environmental impact through easy recycling options!


Nespresso offers bulk collection recycling for businesses – free of charge. So, recycling your Nespresso pods in your School / Unit is now as simple as one, two, three.
1.    Call 1800 182 206 to order a recycling box from Nespresso
2.    Fill the box with used capsules
3.    Arrange a convenient time for the capsules to be collected
Note: only aluminium coffee pods can be recycled through Nespresso’s program.


If your office uses a variety of coffee pod types (i.e. aluminium and plastic) you may wish to consider using TerraCycle’s recycling program instead.
Ask your School / Unit Manager to support the cost of purchasing a TerraCycle recycling box (available online) and you can get started today! Remember, every little bit counts!
Learn more about the Nespresso recycling program and the TerraCycle recycling program, or contact UNSW Sustainability for further information.