Green cleaning

Low-impact cleaning

Cleaning in the past often involved harsh industrial chemicals that pollute our environment, sometimes also affecting people’s health. We now require our cleaning contractors to only use chemicals, equipment and cleaning methods that can demonstrate the lowest environmental impact. it is commonly referred to as ‘green cleaning’ and 'environmentally sustainable cleaning.'

Setting new principles

We first introduced green cleaning principles in 2008. Since that time our cleaning contractors have met a range of environmental standards including eliminating chemicals wherever possible, the use of Good Environmental Choice Australia certified cleaning products, and the use of recycled content paper products.

Our green cleaning standards relate to all cleaning products, equipment, consumables, and processes implemented to deliver cleaning services.

Our contract cleaners must use green cleaning practices that are able to achieve and demonstrate the following outcomes:

  1. elimination of toxic and hazardous chemicals (unless permission is granted)
  2. reduced consumption and wastage of water, materials and energy
  3. improved recycling, reuse and reduction of packaging waste
  4. enhanced indoor air quality, hygiene and cleanliness
  5. enhanced safety of cleaning staff and building occupants.