Plans and Policies

Environmental sustainability is key to UNSW 2025 Strategic Plan We have a strong vision for the future and need to take advantage of our key strengths in cutting-edge research, education, and community focused culture. Our plans and policies form the foundation so we can continue to be leaders and achieve our bold targets.

Our Environment Policy

Maintaining our environment is a community effort and we want to lead the way. Our UNSW Environment Policy sets out goals to be at the forefront of innovation and an Australian leader in environmental sustainability practice and study. Staff and students were consulted in developing our environment policy, to ensure that our policy reflects what our community considers important in sustainability.

We were one of the first Australian universities to have an environment policy.

To help communicate the main elements of the policy among students and staff we've produced an A4 Poster. Stick it up in your kitchenette or above your printer to help spread the good word.

The UNSW Environmental Management Plan

Our Environmental Management Plan (EMP) clearly sets out our targets for environmental sustainability and how we plan to achieve them. To ensure we innovate and lead in the sustainability challenge, the targets and goals of the EMP exceed statutory requirements and industry standards. We are also providing research and study facilities and a daily campus experience that meet international best practice in sustainability. 

Always setting the pace, we were one of the first universities in Australia to implement an EMP in 1990 to assist all our staff and students to be aware of, and compliant with, our legal responsibilities under law.

The EMP and related policies and procedures fulfil our commitments under international agreements signed by the University including the Talloires Declaration and the Universitas 21 Statement on Sustainability.

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Our campus planning

Community expectations about sustainable planning and development are growing and government is increasingly requiring sustainable practices. We are working to ensure sustainability becomes a regular part of our two campus development plans provide a road map for achieving our goals.
The 2020 Kensington Campus Master Plan set out design features, implementation strategies and opportunities to ensure that the urban design framework adequately addresses environmental, social and economic sustainability principles. This plan was adopted by Randwick Council in March 2007 but was replaced in 2013 by a detailed Development Control Plan, referring to the UNSW 2020 campus plan under the section 'Randwick Education and Health Specialised Centre'.