Green Lab Program

With more than a thousand laboratories, which generate more than 60 tonnes of hazardous chemical and biological waste each year, our laboratories are the most resource intensive areas of any building.

The UNSW Green Lab Environmental Compliance Program works directly with faculties and schools to ensure relevant staff are informed of their legal responsibilities in regards to environmental compliance. The program offers training for staff and students who use the laboratories and environmental auditing of campus laboratories as necessary.


Green Lab training is the first of its kind to be implemented in any Australian university. Since its launch, more than 1,500 lab users per year successfully complete the training program. UNSW Sustainability is supporting many other universities across the country in establishing training programs based on Green Lab training content.

If you are authorised to undertake unsupervised laboratory research you are required to complete online ‘Green Lab’ environmental compliance induction training as well as health and safety training.

Green Lab training is designed to inform lab users of environmental risks and responsibilities. In addition to mandatory environmental compliance, Green Lab training also provides guidelines for energy and water conservation and chemicals best management when working in the laboratories. Green Lab training:

  • is for staff that manage, supervise and/or work in laboratories, and post graduate and research students who work unsupervised in laboratories
  • provides mandatory environmental compliance training for relevant UNSW staff and researchers
  • complements UNSW OHS training without unnecessary duplication
  • has flexible online delivery via the UNSW web-based learning and teaching platform
  • is time efficient, allowing for completion in less than 60 minutes including assessments

Access Green Lab Training through myUNSW. Go to Resources page for more information.

Environmental Auditing Program

The UNSW Green Lab Auditing Program conducts laboratory audits, according to priority, to help achieve environmental compliance and continual improvements in environmental performance. An audit may include assessing a building, waste streams, water and energy use, recycling, systems and processes and hazard identification.

For further information about the UNSW Green Lab Environmental Compliance Program and relevant documents go to Resources or contact