Change starts with innovation. At UNSW, we are renowned for groundbreaking research in fields as diverse as photovoltaics, climate change science, quantum computing, molecular engineering, robotics, biomedical research, financial markets, design and interactive cinema. Our partnerships with industry and business, consistently perform at the top nationally in Australian Research Council (ARC) Industry Linkage Grants.

From developing clean solar energy to finding the cause of one of Australia’s longest droughts, UNSW research is finding answers to pressing environmental problems. By continuing to break new ground and refine current thinking we will help the world understand sustainability challenges and develop new technologies, strategies and approaches to address those challenges. 


Centre for Sustainable Materials Research and Technology (SMaRT@UNSW)

SMaRT was established to work with industry partners in developing innovative materials and processes that have a reduced impact on the environment. The centre's work involves enabling energy efficiencies and increasing the recycling of process and product waste. Professor Veena Sahajwalla, the centre’s director, received international attention for her development of a technique to use waste plastic in a green steelmaking process that also reduces energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions. 

Australian Energy Research Institute

This institute endeavours to find cleaner and more sustainable ways to meet our energy needs. AERI is backed by $25 million in annual research funding and considers all aspects of energy research, from renewable technologies and the more sustainable use of fossil fuels, to market policy and analysis.

Climate Change Research Centre

Bringing together more than 60 researchers from various disciplines across the University, CCRC is one of the largest university research facilities of its kind in Australia. The centre’s multi-disciplinary team cover all aspects of atmospheric, oceanic and terrestrial processes. 

Centre for Energy and Environmental Markets (CEEM)

CEEM undertakes interdisciplinary research in the design, analysis and performance of energy and environmental markets and their associated policy frameworks. It brings together UNSW researchers from the Australian School of Business, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Institute of Environmental Studies, and Faculty of Law, working alongside a growing number of international partners. 

UNSW centres researching sustainability

UNSW has a wide range of research centres and academics that are among the most high profile and influential thinkers in water research. Some of UNSW's sustainability research centres include: