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We have a rich depth of Australia's leading undergraduate and postgraduate courses across the sustainability realm, including environmental, social and cultural disciplines. 

Environment & sustainability

Climate change is here to stay and urgent action is needed to avert and manage its potentially disastrous effects. UNSW research in climate change covers all aspects of the water and energy cycles. UNSW supports research in Climate Change, Sustainable Materials and Recycling, Alternative Energies and Fuels, Rivers & Wetlands, Marine Biology & Oceanography, Sustainable Cities and Bushfire Research. 

Next generation materials and technologies

From nanomaterials to sustainable production, UNSW is finding concrete solutions to industry demands for smart technology. Research at UNSW includes: Silicon Solar Cells (Photovoltaics); Next Generation Computing (Quantum Computing); New Generation Building Materials; Nanomaterials, Advanced Plastics (Polymers & Membranes), Superconductors, Microbial Films & Biomaterials, and Space Engineering.

Social policy, government and health policy

Contemporary global issues such as disadvantage, marginalisation and family pressures are being tackled by UNSW’s cross-disciplinary researchers. Areas of interest in need of support are Community Medicine; Drug and Alcohol Policy; Ageing and Retirement; Social Impact of Disease, Risk Management & Safety, Indigenous Policy; Criminology and Human Rights.

Business, law and economics

Sustainable Business, Law and Economics research at UNSW covers a vast array of areas including: Corporate Social Responsibility, carbon accounting, Environmental Economics, Sustainable supply chain, Energy markets.

Contemporary humanities and creative arts

Research at UNSW in the Humanities studies the human condition, using methods that are primarily analytical, critical, or speculative, as distinct from the mainly empirical approaches of the natural and social sciences. Research at UNSW includes Environment and Society, Philosophy, Literature & Languages, Journalism and Media, Cinema (iCinema) Performing Arts, Film Studies, Electronic Art, Art History.

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