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Kilowatt hours (kWh) is the amount of power consumed over a period of one hour.


Due to the UNSW sign on library Geoff Lawson (UNSW graduate and cricketer) dubbed the Randwick end of the SCG the UNSW end.

The original old air conditioning chillers were completely replaced in 2003 with two new high efficiency chillers under the Energy Efficiency Program. One chiller is a "High CoP" (Coefficient of Performance) chiller, while the other is a "Variable Speed Drive" (VSD) chiller. VSD chillers are, in particular, relatively rare in Australia.

The original old pneumatic air conditioning controls throughout the Library Building have been completely replaced with an digital control system that can be controlled via the web. This allows the air conditioning plant to be operated using complex energy efficient control strategies. The temperature in any room can also be viewed and controlled anywhere in the world via the Internet.

The UNSW Library is an example of the contribution that buildings with active and outward focused ground floor uses can make to hubs throughout the campus. The sequence from the public room to the open space traverses university walk, an important east west connection. The location of active uses such as coffee carts adds to its vibrancy and the public component, that is the library, is a major contributor to the activity.