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Kilowatt hours (kWh) is the amount of power consumed over a period of one hour.


The Blockhouse is operated by the Arc, UNSW's student organisation on campus.

Arc's Corporate Services Department is responsible for local energy management supported by the University's Energy Department. Energy is purchased through UNSW. In 2011 Honors students will be undertaking an energy efficiency audit of the Blockhouse and Roundhouse with recommendations to be implemented during 2012. The Arc Roundhouse reduced their consumption by over 15% during 2010 on 2009 levels.

The Blockhouse is located on lower campus of UNSW between the Roundhouse and the Squarehouse. The Blockhouse accommodates the Arc, UNSW's Student Union, UNSW's student newspapers; Tharunka and Blitz, the second hand bookshop and Cafe Republic, where they serve Fair Trade coffee.