Sustainability report

UNSW is the first university in the prestigious Group of Eight to publish a stand-alone, publicly available Sustainability Report.
The report is based on the Global Reporting Initiative, one of the most widely used international frameworks for sustainability reporting and acknowledges that ‘sustainability’ encompasses not just environmental, but social, cultural and economic dimensions. The report has been published online to reduce printing and subsequent waste.
UNSW’s 2013 Sustainability Report is a landmark initiative and great achievement for the University. The report:
  • identifies the sustainability issues that impact on the environment and society as a result of UNSW business activities
  • describes UNSW’s journey towards sustainability, including past achievements, current initiatives and future aspirations
  • provides a 2013 sustainability snapshot so future improvements can be easily identified.

Why sustainability reporting matters

The sustainability challenges we face on a national and global scale are considerable, but as an education and research institution UNSW has a unique and positive role to play in pioneering sustainability adaptation. We are equipping this country’s future environmental, business and social leaders with the knowledge and skills required to address sustainability issues at their core.