Our approach

Our vision

Our vision for our future is to create an environment that reflects our cutting-edge research and innovation and sets us apart as world leaders. We also seek to educate all future generations through everyday living practices and advanced study opportunities and technology. To achieve this, we are setting aggressive targets to continue to build on our progress to-date and to achieve international best practice standards. Our approach to environmental sustainability will include strong community engagement, locally and globally, provide a 'hands-on' student experience, and take advantage of our key strengths, capabilities and resources.

Environmental Sustainability is key to UNSW's Strategic Intent - Blueprint to Beyond and supports all our strategic goals.

What we mean by sustainability

Sustainability needs to be balanced between environmental protection, social justice and economic well-being.

At UNSW, we believe the simple definition of sustainability holds true:

‘Sustainability is living successfully in the present without compromising our ability to do so in the future.’

As we learn and develop our sustainability activities, we will start to address the issues that affect our campus community and everyday campus life. We want to ensure we negate the impact of our activities on the environment, ensure our actions are socially responsible and improve the economic position of the University for the benefit of students, staff and the community.

We see sustainability as being linked to a number of issues including:

  • climate change
  • planning and development
  • resource use
  • biodiversity
  • workplace diversity
  • internationalisation
  • ethical practice
  • equality
  • health. 

For more information, visit Campus Sustainability.